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DegemDirect 3D Printing

Unleash the
Power of
3D Printing

Innovative Printing Solutions for Your Business

Up to 1,000 Parts in 24H

30+ Materials / colors to Choose From

Serving 100+ Clients

22+ Industrial Printers at Your Service

Elevating Multimaterial 3D Printing

Introducing 3Degem's milestone:

The world's first 3D printer capable of seamlessly extruding up to six different materials into composite objects.
This step not only pushes the boundaries of ultiaterial 3D printing but also solidifies its position as a genuine manufacturing method, enabling not just prototypes but also efficient and diverse production possibilities. Welcome the future of versatile and imaginative manufacturing with 3Degem.

Degem Multimaterials Printer

Why Choose Degem Direct

Why Choose Degem Direct

Why Choose Degem Direct


Why Choose DegemDirect


High Speed

Able to produce quickly and on a large scale



Combining up to six materials within a single object


Large Objects

Capable of manufacturing up to 1.1 square meters in size



Beyond mere prototyping, our state-of-the-art production farm excels in efficiently manufacturing thousands of units at an unprecedented pace


Explore Our Materials

Explore Our Materials

Explore Our Materials

The Possibilities are Endless

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